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ideas about blogging again

I am changing my "other" blog again

I am going back to it's original intention, with tweaking.

When I started it I thought it would be an anonymous place to write funny stuff about parenthood, but didn't know how to make people find it.

Then I found old friends on Blogger, so I turned it into a family journal.

Now, I want to keep the title (Mom-Wife-Me) and the e-maill "being a mom" and make it back into a parenting type blog.

I want to know how to make it one that has ads on it, that I can link the blogs I like to read.

I want to put stuff like toy and movie reviews, recipes, crafts, funny stories, sales on kids' clothes etc. I want to keep it anonymous again.

Also - how to change the theme on Blogger besides the basic ones?

Stuff to find out - and any suggestions I'm up for! I can move to wordpress or somewhere else, I just already have this name on blogger and it's connected to google, so the gmail address links.


50 Greatest TV Shows: MEME
Empire Magazine has revealed its list of the 50 Greatest TV Shows:

1. Bold the shows you watch/used to watch.
2. Italicize the shows you've seen at least one episode of.
3. Underline the shows you own on DVD (at least one season). (Actually we don't own any TV shows on DVD, except Firefly - we get them from NetFlix and put them on our hard drive to watch later! So I underlined those too. ) 
4. Post your answers.

TV Collapse )


So I guess I'm not getting the rest of the stuff done today.

I pulled my knee and it's worse than it's been in a long time. And a totally different feeling than the first time I wrecked it. My MIL is taking me to the Ortho Urgent Care Clinic.

Will update later.


Somedays I feel like I'm going to break up with the Internet.

I have a routine, read some stupid stuff on Google Reader, check e-mail and Facebook, and then check a news page. If I have time or am bored, I'll find a gossip site to read too. Then my computer is up and on all day but I found that it's better to not check anything for several hours because then there will actually be something to read! 

The Google Reader has been fun, puts all my dumb blogs in one spot. But everynow and then I follow a link to another site and get wrapped up in something else. Today I was read something on ListVerse. Ok, entertaining. Then I was reading the comments. People are arguing about the contents of a list called "Worst Halloween Candies." They are arguing about Smarties being on the list. There are people from England calling Americans greedy because we whine about the candy we get for free. There are people discussing, in detail, all their favorite candies and disagreeing with everyone else's personal favorite.

What. The. Freak? 

I think people need to get a life. I read something the other day about unproductive our society has become and I think I have to agree. I am at fault as well, and I think I'm sick of it. I think using the internet as a form of entertainment, or how we get information is fine. But hours and hours and hours are spent online for no reason at all. And I'm guilty. I love looking at bad fashion photoblogs, or ugly tattoos, or lol cats :) I love researching things online too, but when you find yourself arguing about candy I think you need to get a new hobby.

Leaving on our Caribbean cruise tomorrow! Going to Orlando tomorrow, hitting Universal City Walk and then ship sails on Sunday!

I'll probably update on Facebook but probably not here! 

See you all later :)

lost it... my train of thought

My brain is now a giant vacuum, all the stuff I've thought about writing for the past few days has now disappeared! 

I think I'll upload Colin's pics from the first day of school, and then maybe I"ll come back and write something worthwhile!

Video Killed the Literary World

I hate "vlogs" I hate when you go to read the news some stories are only in the "watch the video" option. I hate when people refer you to a youtube link in an article, and don't explain what is in the article.

Don't get me wrong, I watch TV - too much. I watch the news. I do watch online videos. I guess I'm too impatient for video forms of blogging or news stories when I am online. I want to just skim an article and get the idea from reading. I don't watch the Fail or LolCats videos that often. I think I just don't want to interrupt my browsing with watching some video.

Vlogs (Video Log) really irritate me because when someone writes a blog, they think before they type. They try to have a point to their writing. They usually summarize and make a few good points. They usually spell and grammar check. But a vlog goes something like this....

"So, breastfeeding or bottle feeding. (nods head) Wow, yeah. (sniff) I mean, this is a highly talked about subject and I thought I'd vlog about it today. (pause) So, I was thinking. (cough) (adjust camera) So many people argue about this all the time and I say "why?" ........ " and you get the idea. It's like a 3 minute video and I don't have time for that. I can skim an article and realize it's just nonsense and move on. Not to mention that a lot of people's voices really bug the heck out of me. Seriously, I'm weird about that.

Whatever happend to reading? And writing - have you seen how this next generation types? I know it's just "netspeak" but when are they going to learn when and where it's appropriate to write "u" instead of you? When they offer a class in text speak at a college, I know we've gone downhill.

I'm getting old I guess.

Aug. 18th, 2009

I am never here, and when I am here it's mostly to relay information/tell details about my family to some of my close friends. Lately, all my posts have been filtered to those I feel more of a connection to. So, today I removed some friends that 1) either don't post 2) I don't comment on their posts, they don't comment on mine or 3) I really no longer have anything in common or a connection with.

I hope to get back to journaling soon, and if you are still on my friends list - I still read your journal. I'm removing communities as well. I just need to not spread myself so thin. I need to make the relationships that I have work and not try to stretch too far in creating more than I can maintain. Hopefully, when I do that - those of you that I am close to, I will grow even closer.

Missing post!

I'm trying to find an old LJ post of mine, where I listed the top 10 cities I would like to go to. I didn't use tags, and I think I didn't title it! I've been searching forever for it.

I want to update it! We are finally going to one of them on my list, Seattle. I have driven through but haven't visited there. I'm excited!

Ok - off to see if I can find this elusive post!

ETA: So I went to look at Memories - and there it was! http://turtle-mom.livejournal.com/17825.html